Thank you for visiting

Maynard Eaton and me during the CEO campaign in DeKalb CountyMy multifaceted experiences are meld into a colorful canvas that reflects the interplay of  work, family and personal adventures.

I am an award-winning financial news journalist, higher education administrator,  professor, innovator, “intrapreneur,” strategic start-I up specialist,  scholarly researcher, grant writer, author, freelance “ghost writer” and philanthropist.

That’s the professional side of Ann.

The civic, community, spiritual, and personal component of Ann is equally dedicated and fully engaged as a volunteer, mentor, children’s disability advocate, family historian, truth seeker and global explorer.

Those are the personal elements of Ann.

Imagine the steady circling of three balls or spheres with each one marked with the words “Professional Ann” and “Personal Ann” and “Explorer Ann.” In each of those three circular spaces, I bring a little or a lot of me. Within each of those spheres, the total Ann exists and learns.

Welcome to my world.